Who Are We?

We have smart classes for smart children with smart boards in every class.

The EG School envisages becoming one of the leading schools in the country through laying foundations of knowledge, professionalism and technical commitment to lead change within a culture of excellent teaching and learning.

Our Mission

Developing Elite Grand School as one of the leading schools through laying foundation of Knowledge, Professionalism and Technology.

Our children take responsibility for their prospects and their own personal development, with an ability to foresee and tackle the challenges of life in a constructive, creative and positive manner. The school aims to prepare independent and entrepreneurial students having respect for and commitment to life long learning.

  • To prepare competent global citizens.
  • To produce constructive, creative and positive manner.
  • To prepare independent and entrepreneurial students.
Bishnu Gc

Message From Principal

Our valued parents and stakeholders,

Today's children are tomorrow's leaders. Best educated and well-learned children can drive the nation to its highest level. Today we are weaker and underdeveloped in the world arena because our past generation could not provide practical education. Education was limited to the theoretical and not the practical application of it. Children also did not learn to envision a nation prospering in collaboration. We have realized this gap and we want to help our children be practical, competitive and responsible citizens. Let us provide them with an atmosphere that helps them grow as competent, innovative, bold and responsible leaders.

Nepal is endowed with diverse natural and cultural attractions for tourism development. Similarly, we can have varieties of cultivation in different altitudes. Moreover, rivers flowing from The Himalayas can produce abundant energy for the development of industries, business and household purposes. Along with the development of technology we can do many things and achieve more than we have today. In order to explore and exploit the resources and to develop the nation, we need skilled and responsible human resources. Therefore, it is high time to give priority to human resources. The human resources we are talking about can be more efficient and effective if we work on two tasks: engaging with children to learn about their interest and encouraging them accordingly for the academic as well as overall achievement. The other task is guiding them to be assertive, disciplined and responsible citizens. The Elite Grand School has included this agenda in its objective.

The Elite Grand School came to its existence with the mission to address the needs and aspirations of parents through the latest model of progressive education. This school carries a noble mission of nurturing skills in children to solve problems, to develop themselves as the professionals in their subject of their interest, to develop themselves as dynamic leaders and self disciplined social humans. Similarly, the school bears in mind to impart knowledge and to develop capability in our pupils to be independent and risk bearing global citizen leading to face and solve unresolved challenges. The school is committed in preparing our children to become dynamic ethical leaders having multi-lingual knowledge and skills to be fit at local as well as at the global market and society.

We understand that parents expect their children to grow up to become responsible towards their own development and towards the family, society and the world. To achieve this endeavor, both school and family are responsible. This is where we work closely with the family members realizing that this is a shared and joint collaborative work. We encourage parents to visit school regularly, participate in the classroom if they can contribute to new knowledge and information. Therefore, our efforts will be to connect home and school and develop the bonding of a family. We promote cultural pluralism within school and out of school as we belive that learning is effective in a situation where diversity exists. Keeping this in mind, we encourage parents to send their children to the school in their ethnic dress at least once a week and share their knowledge and experience about their culture with their friends.

We provide our children with every possible latest teaching learning environment; use of smart boards, interactive teaching learning, visits of guest scholars, visits of renowned personalities, outreach programs, physical facilitiies and extracurricular activities are among many. We engage our children in reading, writing, speaking and problem solving skills through practices. Organizing debate programs, writing daily memos with the theme of the day, organizing programs and communications with the children from other schools in Nepal and abroad are some of the examples. We try to discover every kind of new skills and techniques of teaching to facilitate the learning experiences of students. Moreover, we work with an ever-changing and ever-advancing education for 21st century through study and research. We provide individual attention to our children regarding their physical, mental and emotional development as we provide child-centered and child friendly environment.

In order to achieve our vision, missions, objectives and commitments, a team of motivated teaching professionals along with the team of management experts to support the teaching learning environment and a team of advisors having broader knowledge and experience in various fields is at work. We would like to give you our assurance that children in this school enjoy their study, learn to be active learners, understand self respect and respect others leading their life to be socially fit and productive. Moreover, our children in this school grow as a competent, capable and responsible citizen who I am sure will take the driving seat in every sphere of their lives no matter where they are. Moreover they will be able to play a lead role in the nation building endeavor.

Bishnu Bahadur G.C.
MA Econ(TU), MPA(PU), MPhil Edu(Danish University of Education)

We are Elite Grand School We have been educating children for over years.
Our goal is to create a place that engages each child.


Sports Activities

Extra Curricular Activities are as important to students as are Curricular Activities.

Computer Lab

Computer Lab is the place where students can utilize the skills that they have gained in theory classes.


Well resourced E-library and Library with High speed computers, books and reference materials.


Smart classes for smart children with smart boards in every class


The school has excellent transportation service within the Kathmandu Valley.


Healthy meals are served twice a day.